Activities «UkrEnergoMontazh» (UEM)
Building installation work

The company "Ukrenergomontazh" has many years of experience in the production of construction and installation works, ranging from the preparation of project documentation to the delivery of objects "turnkey". All our technical and technological solutions elaborated and implemented with the latest requirements and standards.

  • dismantling works;
  • excavation;
  • installation of monolithic structures;
  • installation of metal structures;
  • civil works of all kinds;
  • assembly, installation of crane equipment units;
  • installation of pipelines, heating systems, water supply, sanitation, ventilation, air-conditioning;
  • device external engineering systems;
  • installation of electrical networks, instrumentation and automation;
  • commissioning works.

The company takes responsibility for the management of projects of any complexity, will implement a full range of services for the rationale, design and implementation of the project, including the supply of intellectual property, equipment and delivery of object "turnkey" due to many years of experience and diversity is already completed projects.

  • comprehensive project management, general contracting;
  • collection of baseline data for the design;
  • execution of initial permissive documentation for construction and reconstruction;
  • organization of construction management, technical supervision;
  • commissioning of facilities.

The company has a unique experience in design, and further successful implementation and operation of various facilities, such as nuclear energy - nuclear power stations, the object "Shelter" and others, as well as providing services for them.

  • Development of DDM;
  • Design of industrial and civil use of all categories of complexity;
  • Development of CMP;
  • Supervision of construction;
  • Development PW.

The company has its own production base in the town of Chernobyl, which includes reinforcing Plot, Plot electricity gas welding, ensure tower crane bigger assembly of building structures, loading and unloading operations, metalworking machine tool park, open area storage of construction materials, storage and utility rooms.

  • Production of metal structures;
  • Production of permanent formwork;
  • Production reinforcement.
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