Activities «Ukrbudmontazh» (UBM)
Construction and installation works

Ukrbudmontazh Construction Company Ltd performs the full range of construction and installation works in civil and industrial construction.

  • earthworks and foundations;
  • erection of building frames and roofing;
  • floor works (self-levelling floor);
  • installation of engineering networks and communications;
  • installation of process equipment;
  • installation of power and thermo mechanical equipment;
  • construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • insulating and lining works;
  • finishing works;
  • construction of roads;
  • construction of fencing.

Ukrbudmontazh Construction Company Ltd, on the terms of the General contract, implements complex projects in civil and industrial construction.

  • housing construction;
  • construction of retail and office, shopping and entertainment centers;
  • construction of logistic complexes and warehouses;
  • construction of manufacture complexes of industrial enterprises;
  • installation and set-up of process equipment at industrial enterprises;
  • construction of energy sources of industrial enterprises.

The company carries out working and technological design of different complexity levels.

  • development of complex projects at all design stages (project, working draft, working documentation)

Ukrbudmontazh Construction Company Ltd performs complex equipment deliveries.

  • Turbines and turbine generators complete with auxiliary equipment, control system and intra-turbine pipelines;
  • Steam and hot water boilers and parts for them complete with auxiliary equipment, boiler pipelines, and control system;
  • Pipe fittings;
  • Pipelines and their parts;
  • Tanks and containers;
  • Transport-technological and lifting equipment for power engineering and industry.
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